Creating the Look

Creating the Look – Mid Century Modern

So far, we’ve created the look for a modern day farmhouse, a Scandinavian escape, and a coastal getaway. You might be asking yourself what we will do next. Well, if you are a fan of the simplicity of the Scandinavian look or favor the stylings of the Eames design team, then you’ll love what we are about to cover.

It’s called Mid Century Modern and chances are, you’ve seen this design style at some point in your life. Mid Century Modern is a hard to define. It stretches across a wide time span, specifically the late 1940s to the mid-1960s. Much like Scandinavian design, Mid Century Modern is all about sleek and uncluttered lines. There is very little ornamentation and a slight contrast of material and elements. Long story short, Mid Century Modern is a classic blend of 50s style with modern touches.

It’s a classy look for any room of your house but we think it really shines in the bathroom. A bold tile paired with a classic, natural wood finish and boom, you’ve got yourself a perfect Mid Century Modern combination. Here are some vanities that will help you achieve the look.


If Mid Century Modern is all about mixing contrasting materials then the Josie is the way to go. With its beautiful metal inlay and gorgeous metal legs, it is the ideal vanity. It’s not overstated in a bold or flashy way but it is appealing in its subtlety. Finished in classic French Walnut and Satin Brass and you have yourself a classic Mid Century Modern look.


The Vaughan is a great option for a Mid Century Modern vanity. Its shaker style doors mixed with its slightly tapered legs offer the perfect mix of organic and geometric forms. The finishes for the design is limited but there is still plenty to choose from. You can pick between beautiful stains that are only available on our transitional lines like Briar or Toffee. They bring out the richness of the wood that fits seamlessly into the Mid Century look.


Our Turino vanity is another perfect example of a Mid Century Modern design. This style leans a little more heavily on the modern side but it has all the necessary elements, mixed finishes and minimal lines thanks to the integrated finger pull. Combine our Cortado finish with White Acrylic and you are all set.

Mid Century Modern is a unique style that blends retro with material that are commonly found in designs today. Any vanity that you choose can easily be transformed into a perfect Mid Century Modern piece, it all depends on how you work it. Head on over to our website to view all of our vanities and find one that works for you!

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