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Integrated Finger Pull

When it comes to hardware, we have a large selection of beautiful drawer pulls that can really help the look of your vanity come together. But sometimes, the look you are aiming for might fall on the simpler side of life. While our hardware selection is hands down, a great collection, a more neutral an minimal style might be your style preference. So we created an option exclusively for our 400 series that does just that, provide a sleek and simplistic way to open your vanity drawers. We call it, our integrated finger pull option.

Left: Custom Angolo / Right: Angolo in Custom Color

The integrated finger pull is an added beveled edge that is applied to the top of the drawer or door. This helps keep your vanity looking sleek and clean without the need for added hardware. Just simply pull on the beveled edge to open your drawers or doors.

There are some designs that come with an integrated finger pull already standard, like with our Sydney, Melbourne, and Angolo vanities. Our Avant and Avento designs from the 600 series also comes standard with an integrated finger pull, decked out in a metal finish of your choice.

Top Left: Angolo in Palissandro / Top Right: Avalon in White Acrylic / Bottom Left: Avalon in White Acrylic / Bottom Right: Avalon in Palissandro

So whether you are looking for a modern design or could do without the extra hardware, our integrated finger pull is the option for you. Check out our website to see all of our amazing options and start designing your dream vanity today!

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